2023 Barbara Holston Scholarship Winners

By August 7, 2023Uncategorized

The Barbara Holston Education Fund is proud to announce its three 2023 scholarship winners. The winners are:

  • Brandon McDaniel
  • Jarie Hawkins
  • Johnny Warren

Brandon is currently attending Tarrant County College, where he anticipates graduating in the Spring of 2024. Brandon plans to continue his education at the University of North Texas after he finishes at TCC. He will be majoring in Political Science. Brandon is excited to pursue a career in International Law with a focus on human rights. He is looking forward to a career that will allow him to travel and make an impact on the world around him.

Jarie was scheduled to attend Langston University, an HBCU in Oklahoma, in the 2023 Fall semester. She is looking forward to her major in Agriculture Business. Jarie anticipates graduating in the Spring of 2027, though she has hopes of accelerating her degree in order to graduate early and kick off her career in agriculture. Jarie is excited to pursue a career in agriculture, and she is particularly excited to work with animals. She wants to use her degree to help people inside and outside of her community gain financial stability and food security.

Johnny is attending Texas Premier Technology Institute where he is pursuing a Software Developer Certification. He is also attending Tarrant County College where he is working on an Associate of Arts in Teaching. Johnny will complete his Software Developer Certification in October. He anticipates graduating with his Associates degree in Spring 2024. Johnny has multiple career options ahead of him, but he would most like to pursue a position teaching software development and coding.